I digiscrapping and my favorite place to scrap online has been with my friends at Deco-Pages! I was a member Creative Team for 4 1/2 years and had the opportunity to make LOs for all the wonderful designers at Deco-Pages. The site is now closed and I miss it so VERY much!

I am taking a break from my digital scrapping...but to prevent withdrawal symptoms, I am on two Creative Teams for now! Check out their blogs and watch here for my layouts with their great kits!



Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brody's Doggy using Doggy Treats QP Freebie

The most recent "doggy" in my life is the Fisher Price Lil Snoopy toy that was part of our present for Brody's 1st Birthday so I couldn't resist using Helen's Doggy Treats QP Freebie to scrap this memoryThis toy brought back memories of the toy I had as a child.  Was a little disappointed when I found this little guy that he didn't look like mine, but he's a cute modern version and he barks!  Brody just started walking this past week so it will be a while before he's pulling it around but he did pull it while crawling once. And it is so cute, when he is watching someone else pull the doggy, his feet go back and forth just like the doggy's feet.  
Your “Lil Snoopy” looks different than Nana & Papa’s but we hope you love playing with him as much as we did when we were children!

Hard to believe that it has already been a year since this little guy was born and spent a month in the NICU.  Brody has come a long way since then.  He was recently released from physical therapy as he has reach levels at or above his age level in all skills.  And, he no longer has to wear the helmet needed to reshape his head that was slightly flat due to weakness that caused him to sleep on the same side every night.  Previews of Doggy Treats and this awesome QP freebie can be found here.  Doggy Treats is also in the store

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nature Notes QP Freebie

 Helen created this very special QP from Nature Notes.  Just happened to have some photos of Miller with Mom and Dad and his big sister that I chose to put into this QP freebie. I recolored the photos so they would match Miller's LO I made from when he was one-month old.

Check out Retro Designs Blog and you will find this freebie!  And you will find Nature Notes HERE in Helen's Store!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Miller at 1-month using Nature Notes

 I love the browns, tans, and touches of black and gray in Nature Notes and they are so perfect for Miller's one-month old pictures.  Miller Zackry Brown was named Miller after Papa Miller (my DH) and Zackry after his dad, Zack Brown.  Found a lullaby by Horace Smith that I thought was sweet and went along with the layout.
Evening is coming, and night is nigh;
Under the lattice the little birds cheep,
All will be sleeping by and by.
Sleep, little baby, sleep.

Visit Helen's Store where you will find previews of Nature Notes and LO samples.  Visit Helen's Blog where you can find previews and you just might find a freebie, too!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Painted Seashells Freebie" by Retro Designs

I found this project I completed for a 96-week workshop learning to use a design program called Photo Impact.  I followed a tutorial and designed the boat, reflection, sea, sky and moon.  It was a fun project.  The original design was a brighter blue and I recolored it to match these gorgeous shells.  Loved how this turned out...looks almost like the moon is being reflected by Helen's seashells.  I used the "Painted Seashells Freebie" just posted by Helen.  Check out this awesome freebie on the Home Page of Retro Designs Blog!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jewelled Sea by Retro Designs

"Jewelled Sea" is one of my many favorite kits of Helen's.  Previews of this kit actually made her blog in July of 2011.  Since then, the store has been opened and "Jewelled Sea" has been added to Helen's STORE as the featured kit of the month!  Here's some pages I made in 2011!

The font I used is called "Adorable" and also describes Avery and all the elements Helen included in this kit.  I may have gone over board on how many I used, but I love all of them!   You can see previews of "Jewelled Sea" HERE on the BLOG and you can pick up this adorable seahorse freebie while there....just scroll down until you see ocean waves, sandy beaches, and seashells!

Ok...after loading Avery's page with elements, I decided Luke's page needed all the metallic elements.  Don't have a really close up photo here of Luke, but as you can tell, he was always on the move.  I think it is fun to see how much fun Luke had playing in that great big ocean and massive beach! 

Even with all the elements I used in these two pages, there are so many more in Helen's Jewelled Sea kit.  There also quite a number of wonderful frames and papers.  See them all HERE!

Love this silhouette photo of Avery and her friend.  I wanted to see their faces and I started playing with the photo.  Kinda liked the one that turned the ocean green and it gave me to idea for this LO.  The closeup is a little grainy but you can see the smiles.
 Helen's seahorse is dressed to match the girls!  You can pick  up this adorable seahorse freebie HERE on the BLOG....just scroll down until you see ocean waves, sandy beaches, and seashells!

I blended two photos with this fun background paper and added seashells, fish, turtle, and anchor to fill in the spaces!  Here's the two photos used.  Judging from all the squints, the sun was shining very bright!  Go to Retro Designs Store to see previews of the whole kit!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our NYLO Experience

In an effort to find a hypoallergenic hotel, we found NYLO of Plano.  This was a very unique hotel and was a very interesting experience!  Features of all floors included:    Exposed Duct Work & Plumbing; Concrete Floors, Walls & Ceilings; Bricked Accent Wall - Bed on Raised; Platform & Glow Lighting Underneath; All Natural Woven Floor Mats.  We stayed on a floor that was totally hypoallergenic which meant we had all natural products without fragrances added.  There was even hypoallergenic tissues and toilet paper. 

The background papers in Tracy's "Yestersay" kit reminded of the room where we stayed.  This first page shows the lobby and gameroom.

And this page shows the hallway, sitting area, and bed.

You can purchase Yestersay at any of Horsedreamn Designs Stores
Tagging Angels
Polka Dot Plum Element Pack
Polka Dot Plum Paper Pack

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nostalgic Scrapbook by Retro Designs

Retro Designs newest release is Nostalgic Scrapbook.  Actually, now that I think about it, I actually named this kit for Helen.  It is very unique and a one of a kind kit.  Loved using it to scrap a few of my Great-Aunt Mattie's studio photos.  I have such mixed emotions on paper versus digital scrapping.  I love digital, but all these heritage photos deserve to be in an album.  Another project to add to the list.  These will be placed into the album in the photo holders and still on the photo cards as these are as unique as the old photos. 

 Journaling:  It is going to take way more than one cup of coffee to get my grandfather’s family pictures into an album. There are about 100 photos which include many of his mother’s family photos.

Even though these interesting Texas Pioneer Girls are unidentified and known only as some of Com's kinfolks, this photo still deserves to be in an album for future generations of  the Commadore M. Thomas family.  The Thomas family album will be so thick that these may perhaps end up in a separate album.  It's been about 5 years since I gone through all of the photos and have pulled a few from time to time to scrap, but someday I must get them placed in albums. Right now I think they look wonderful in the vintage scrapbook from Helen's Nostalgic Scrapbook.

Journaling:  Many of the photos found in Granny Thomas’ trunk belonged to Granddaddy’s two sisters.  Since Granny couldn’t identify them, she referred to them as “Some of Com’s Kinfolks”.    Someday they will find their way into an album by the same name!"

You can find Nostalic Scrapbook in Retro Designs STORE and also be sure and check out Helen's  BLOG!  You'll find some more pages using this kit and might even find a freebie or two!